********ATTENTION PARENTS********FRIDAY 8th DECEMBER********

All Winters Flat students will be at CSC. We will still be taking orders for Friday.

We will coordinate with Winters Flat staff in the morning and deliver the lunch orders to the students from our canteen at CSC.

Dear Parents and Staff,

It is with regret that we need to inform you that Growing Abundance Project will not be operating the Canteen at the Castlemaine Secondary College in 2018 and this will mean we will be unable to provide the School Lunch service to your school.

We at Growing Abundance have been committed to providing and fostering a culture of high quality nutritious food, made in house with local produce and love, to  Mount Alexander Shire schools. We’d like to thank you for your support of this vision through the School Lunch program. 

We have been supported in realising the GA vision in many ways by CSC along with the generosity of private donors and the many volunteers from the broad school community, for which we are extremely grateful. 

Growing Abundance remains committed to our vision of ‘Local Food, No Waste’ and to contributing to a growing local food system for our children’s future. Our flagship Harvest program will continue to provide surplus local produce to the schools of our Shire and we are committed to supporting the provision of nutritious food of our young people. 

If you would like to speak to us further, you are welcome to contact Canteen Manager Mary Macintyre ( or our Committee of Management Chair Janet Phillips (

Mary Macintyre and Janet Phillips

The Growing Abundance Project



Dear parents, If you are ordering for siblings, please place one order per child. This ensures that there is no confusion when preparing and packaging food, and that every child gets a clearly labelled lunch bag delivered directly to them. On the checkout page, please also note any dietary requirements in the marked field. (Please don't get confused by the Shipping Address field - just select the default Ship to this address - lunches will be delivered to your child.)

Please check the How To Order page for detailed help on ordering. as well as the frequently asked questions page if you have questions. You can also get in touch with us on, or on lunch days directly with Mary who will be preparing the meals on 0428 225 827.

Thank you for supporting us. Growing Abundance is a not-for-profit organisation, and our lunches are freshly prepared using seasonal produce sourced from our local growers. By supporting our schools lunches endeavour, you are also helping us sustain our various other programs, from our volunteer run Harvest Program that delivers freshly picked seasonal fruit to schools around the Shire, to the Castlemaine Seed Library where you can borrow, grow, and return seeds for your vegetable garden. For more information on what we do, and how you can contribute, go to

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  1. Cheese and Salad Wrap
    Cheese and seasonal salad in a soft wrap (contains Gluten) Learn More
  2. Falafel Wrap
    With tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and tzatziki or vegan carrot dip (contains Gluten) (Vegan optional - please note if vegan in dietary requirements) Learn More
  3. Free Range Ham, Cheese & Salad Wrap
    Fresh free range ham, cheese and seasonal salad in a soft wrap (contains Gluten) Learn More
  4. Fruit Muffin
    Tasty muffin, freshly made with local seasonal fruit (contains Gluten) Learn More
  5. Oatmeal Biscuit
    Delicious homemade oatmeal biscuit (no GF option available) (contains Gluten) Learn More
  6. Pasta Bolognaise
    Spiral pasta served with freshly made Bolognaise sauce and cheese (contains Gluten) Learn More
  7. Pasta Bolognaise - GF
    Gluten Free spiral pasta served with freshly made Bolognaise sauce and cheese (Gluten Free) Learn More
  8. Pasta Napoli
    Spiral pasta served with a freshly made tomato Napoli sauce and cheese (contains Gluten) (Vegan optional - please note if vegan in dietary requirements) Learn More
  9. Samosa (vegan)
    Vegan spiced potato samosa (no GF option available) (contains Gluten) Learn More
  10. Seasonal Fruit
    One piece of seasonal fruit Learn More
  11. Spanakopita
    A triangle of filo pastry with spinach and cheese filling (no GF option available) (contains Gluten) Note that this is a large serve. Learn More
  12. Yoghurt with Seasonal Fruit
    Greek yoghurt served with seasonal, local fruit Learn More

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12 Item(s)